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The Liberty Practitioner

Cathianna Rosenthal

The Liberty Practitioner

Training, coaching and assisting people to truly get free from unwanted dynamics in their lives.

As the creator and facilitator of this course, she will also be leading you through the included live sessions...

She describes herself as a "physician's assistant to the Great Physician... the Lord Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit."

Course Outline:


  • What it takes to get free
  • The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How
  • Forgiveness & Repentance thru Confession
  • Taking off the dark armor so that you can put on God's armor
  • 3 personal, live sessions with the Liberty Practitioner

Supplemental training videos on:

Rejection, Bitterness, Self-Rejection, Depression, Fear, Anxiety, the Gold Standard, Hearing from the Holy Spirit, the Occult, God's time-clock, and much more...

Fast Track To Freedom Story

After many years of studying the Bible and subjects of healing from and overcoming dysfunctional relationships, Cathianna visited a Wellspring Ministries (of Anchorage, Alaska) presentation on bitterness.

She received freedom there from some ongoing relational trauma and went on to complete their school. She went on to get free of any life issues that were troubling.

Already traveling in music and prayer mission work, she dedicated her resources and time to help others get free.

This course is condensed and boldly targeted to get to the bottom line as directly as possible. Thousands of people have done "sessions" with Cathianna and been set free by God's Holy Spirit and His great power. It works and the proof is in the proof... Your story.

Three sessions (included in this course) is plenty of opportunity to get to the issues that need healing.

This is....

The fastest way to freedom!

The Formula